The Experience Collective

Life has been very busy in our household of late.  The rigours of family life are constant, and although I have been steadily working in a photographic sense, there hasn't been opportunity to share it here.  A lull in the crazy has happened today though, so I can tell you a little about a recent shoot for two very clever and passionate folk.

Rosie Broughton and Nick Rogers are visionary and entrepreneurial.  Their new business 'The Experience Collective' brings together their expertise in PR, marketing, event management and communications, providing a service to plan and facilitate client experiences at DB Breweries and associated brands.  I had the very great pleasure of photographing them individually and together, for use in marketing their enterprise.

This was a rapid fire shoot.  Both Rosie and Nick were easy models.  This kind of corporate portraiture is probably my favourite - on a location we can use in a variety of ways, with enough time to get comfortable with each other, plenty of laughter and a collection of images in the end that fill the brief.  Driving away from the shoot afterwards, I was buoyant, because somehow being 'in the zone' photographically is a better buzz than nearly any other thing that happens in my life.  I am privileged to do something that I love, and on days like this one, I was really aware of that and grateful for it.

and so... here a handful of the pictures made that day of the beautiful Rosie and dashing Nick.