The crazy world of my friend Anna

A couple of days ago, I spent a little bit of morning with my lovely friend Anna Stichbury. She's this completely funky elegant artist and entrepreneur, and whenever we are together, I feel like a little bit of her glitter rubs off on me.

So, she's always exhibiting - her work is prolific and fun and so perfect adorning the walls of well dressed homes... but there isn't anything snooty about what she does, and she is always playing with new materials, methods, and motifs. She needed some pictures for some up-coming marketing materials, so I stepped up to shoot for her.

We also had the very great pleasure of making these pictures in the gorgeous house of a very wonderful and stylish family who are local and generous with their space. These are a smattering of the pictures from our morning together, and some are obviously not Anna's intended marketing imagery. Although, knowing Anna, she'd use a picture of her mad bed jumping in a heartbeat.

You can see some pictures I took last year of Anna in action in my image series here

If you want to view / purchase any of Anna's art, go to