One Million Stars

I have many wonderful and creative friends. Natalie is one of those people. Last week she asked me to come and take a few photographs for a project she has underway at her work - the Maori Women's Refuge - Te Whare Rokiroki. Natalie is the Arts Co-ordinator there, currently working on creating and accessing funding for arts programmes for women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. The images she needed in this instance were for the purpose of promoting a worldwide endeavour to raise awareness about violence - The One Million Stars to End Violence project.

Natalie is spearheading the campaign to create 10,000 stars for the Wellington community as the contribution to the project. She's engaged nearly every major gallery in the Wellington area to commit to some involvement - holding star making workshops and other events, and in some cases exhibiting the stars. In the end, the stars will be shipped off to be part of a greater exhibition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

They're so simple, and so beautiful. If you want to be part of this project, to weave some stars or show your support in another way, check out for more information, and have a look at to find out where star making events might be happening near you.