A little nature project for Northland Kindergarten

Our family are deeply attached to Northland Kindergarten.  Nino went there as his first foray into a world apart from me, and Vin is now one of the big kids there, with only 6 months left before he begins school.  I'm on the parents committee, and as such, we are fairly involved in the extra curricular stuff that happens with fundraising, maintenance, and community events.

The teaching team are amazing.  So dedicated, and hard working, and I always feel confident that they really know my kid. One of the teachers has had a project on the go for a while, to plan a new entryway for the kindy premises. We're looking to improve safety, visibility, and the general first impression of the space. One of the strengths of our kindergarten is the lush natural bush and bird life. On a sunny morning, tui, kereru, fantails and many other varieties of birds abound. An idea was born to create new signage, with some images that celebrate the natural flora and fauna of kindy. I said I would happily have a go at the photography for the signs. I've never been a bird photographer, but a little bit of perseverance produced an acceptable shot of a tui. I had a lovely morning recently collecting images for debate from around the play area, while the kids questioned me about what I was doing.