A visit with Anna

I have blogged before about my friend Anna Stichbury, artist and creative extraordinaire. She had me along recently to take some pictures of her home (which I will show in another blog post soon), but on the same occasion I spent a little bit of time with her in the studio, which sits adjacent to her house, and is a space of light and texture and colour, and a place that I feel very much at peace.

Anna has been generating new kinds of work recently - incorporating inks, graphite, metallics, and collage alongside her more typical painted and screen-printed techniques. Her art works are so recognised around New Zealand, and so much sought after to adorn the walls of like minded souls - you could be forgiven for thinking she's a one-trick pony. On the contrary, Anna is always experimenting, and developing her motifs. Some works are carefree, with splashes of brave colour in inks and paint, and often overlaid with more carefully rendered emblems - her butterflies, nudes, faces, birds, and the iconic rabbits she has worked with for years. The new work brings an interplay of texture and design, often simultaneously graphic and expressive. I enjoy seeing how Anna plays with her media, always moving forward, never with too much solemnity.

These images are just a handful of moments captured as a side-piece, rather than as the main event. I could shoot Anna all day, as she is so alive, with mercurial moods and moments of nonsense. 

If you want to see more of Anna's work, or even purchase some for yourself, go to her website - www.annastichbury.co.nz or you can follow her fun instagram feed via @annastichbury ... always with more tidbits to entice you.