Dipping into arty interiors

I've talked before about the new directions I'm moving in photographically. Some of the commercial work I'm doing involves me shooting interiors, to tell the story about a place. I really enjoy that kind of work, so I've decided to try my hand at a bit of interiors and architectural work. Somewhat fortuitously, I have had some of those sorts of jobs coming in lately. Soon I'll be showing you images from shoots with an interior designer I'm teaming up with, and a couple of architects who are keen to use me.

These are a few shots, not for either of those purposes, but for a contribution to a design blog writer who had asked Anna to share some images of her creative and beautiful home. Her eclectic style, the little vignettes in each space, tell me quite a lot about her personality, and about how her family work together. Nothing too serious here - just a quick ditty into the home of a friend.