Dipping into arty interiors

I've talked before about the new directions I'm moving in photographically. Some of the commercial work I'm doing involves me shooting interiors, to tell the story about a place. I really enjoy that kind of work, so I've decided to try my hand at a bit of interiors and architectural work. Somewhat fortuitously, I have had some of those sorts of jobs coming in lately. Soon I'll be showing you images from shoots with an interior designer I'm teaming up with, and a couple of architects who are keen to use me.

These are a few shots, not for either of those purposes, but for a contribution to a design blog writer who had asked Anna to share some images of her creative and beautiful home. Her eclectic style, the little vignettes in each space, tell me quite a lot about her personality, and about how her family work together. Nothing too serious here - just a quick ditty into the home of a friend.

A visit with Anna

I have blogged before about my friend Anna Stichbury, artist and creative extraordinaire. She had me along recently to take some pictures of her home (which I will show in another blog post soon), but on the same occasion I spent a little bit of time with her in the studio, which sits adjacent to her house, and is a space of light and texture and colour, and a place that I feel very much at peace.

Anna has been generating new kinds of work recently - incorporating inks, graphite, metallics, and collage alongside her more typical painted and screen-printed techniques. Her art works are so recognised around New Zealand, and so much sought after to adorn the walls of like minded souls - you could be forgiven for thinking she's a one-trick pony. On the contrary, Anna is always experimenting, and developing her motifs. Some works are carefree, with splashes of brave colour in inks and paint, and often overlaid with more carefully rendered emblems - her butterflies, nudes, faces, birds, and the iconic rabbits she has worked with for years. The new work brings an interplay of texture and design, often simultaneously graphic and expressive. I enjoy seeing how Anna plays with her media, always moving forward, never with too much solemnity.

These images are just a handful of moments captured as a side-piece, rather than as the main event. I could shoot Anna all day, as she is so alive, with mercurial moods and moments of nonsense. 

If you want to see more of Anna's work, or even purchase some for yourself, go to her website - www.annastichbury.co.nz or you can follow her fun instagram feed via @annastichbury ... always with more tidbits to entice you.

A fresh and orderly image for Stash

Much of the work I do at the moment is really quite ordinary - not the glamour of a fashion shoot or the intrigue of an exotic location. Some jobs in particular I expect to find more of a labour than others. I could have thought this about my work with Stash - Wellington's best custom wardrobe and storage design company. When I saw the message from Simon, the owner of Stash, asking me about coming to generate a library of new images for their marketing, I wasn't anticipating a super satisfying job - this is the kind of work that helps our family to survive. 

But, you know what? I had the best few days working at Stash. Simon and Elizabeth Morrison, and their team of designers and joiners and installers are a really wonderful bunch of people. Not only do they create a high quality range of storage systems for their clients, but their business is one with heart. I saw how the team work together - and how they actively foster a great working relationship between the different parts of the team. I had the very great pleasure of joining in with their morning tea trivial pursuit challenge a couple of times, with home made cake and good conversation. I saw the guys from the workshop completely nailing questions about politics and history, and showing me how out of my depth I was when it comes to general knowledge. The staff were so welcoming and fun, and I could see how hard they work to keep the standard of their product so high.

Chelsea, one of the designers, was assigned to accompany me and style the wardrobe and storage units we were shooting. She is one of the people you'll meet if you go to Stash for a custom wardrobe - and she's good. Really good. Talented with industrial design, but also as a visual stylist, and so professional and fun. We visited a range of client homes to shoot real installations of different systems. Some of the spaces were super tight, or the light wasn't great, or the stuff in the environment needed tweaking to make for good clean photography. Chelsea helped me to overcome all of those challenges. I could see though, how every Stash wardrobe was cleverly designed to get the best out of a space, and beautifully finished to suit the client's home. I very much want one of their wardrobes in my own house.

If you have any storage needs in your own house, I couldn't recommend Stash more highly. Go to www.stash.net.nz to see their range.

The crazy world of my friend Anna

A couple of days ago, I spent a little bit of morning with my lovely friend Anna Stichbury. She's this completely funky elegant artist and entrepreneur, and whenever we are together, I feel like a little bit of her glitter rubs off on me.

So, she's always exhibiting - her work is prolific and fun and so perfect adorning the walls of well dressed homes... but there isn't anything snooty about what she does, and she is always playing with new materials, methods, and motifs. She needed some pictures for some up-coming marketing materials, so I stepped up to shoot for her.

We also had the very great pleasure of making these pictures in the gorgeous house of a very wonderful and stylish family who are local and generous with their space. These are a smattering of the pictures from our morning together, and some are obviously not Anna's intended marketing imagery. Although, knowing Anna, she'd use a picture of her mad bed jumping in a heartbeat.

You can see some pictures I took last year of Anna in action in my image series here

If you want to view / purchase any of Anna's art, go to http://www.annastichbury.co.nz

A new era for the Tui Brewery

In a recent post about Nick and Rosie of The Experience Collective, I showed you some pictures of the clever pair, as they prepared marketing imagery for launching their new business.  They're fully under way now, managing the customer experience for Tui and Monteiths, co-ordinating events and running tours.

I had the very great pleasure of spending a couple of days up at the newly minted Tui Brewery in Mangatainoka, shooting the last bits of the brewery install, and some promotional imagery for the marketing of Tui HQ.

Firstly, (and I didn't think I was going to share this, but I guess I am...) I have only been driving for about 3 years, and only achieved my full licence this year.  Driving all of that way by myself felt like an achievement of sorts.  I conquered the Rimutaka incline without incident, and coped just fine with the long stretches of open road and fast country drivers.

The shoot was super varied - Tui HQ and the brewery premises, tour photos, food, customers relaxing at the cafe and bar, a little bit of merchandise.  I loved the chaos and frenzy of it.  I think I am most in my element photographically when I'm troubleshooting and working fast with imperfect circumstances.  The pictures below are a smattering of the many shots I made over the two day stretch.  The new brewery is a smaller enterprise than Tui previously was - but it's a beautiful new space, with its' shiny tanks and abundant natural light.

If you're passing through on State Highway 2, I can really recommend the Tui Brewery for a visit.  The food is delicious, the people are completely real and warm and awesome, and I think plenty of exciting things are happening with the beer with head brewer Tupu at the helm.