The Food Project : Part 2

About a week ago I decided to take a little break from shooting the daily food pictures. I don't want to get into a rut with it, and felt like I needed to spend a bit of time on the real jobs I have and also to invest a bit more of my energy in our family life. So, a small hiatus. I will get back to it soon, and I'll start mixing it up shooting other things too - I have a zillion ideas to play with. Here's a recap from instagram of some of the images made in February for this project.

One interesting thing first - sort of indicative of how this project will evolve - is that I've started 'theming' the image making. Most recently I shot a series of 7 images of things with banana as a key ingredient (or indeed as the only item in the shot). This was a response to a comment from a friend who wanted me to photograph something healthy and boring like a banana or a piece of bread, so that she didn't have to rush out and get cake as soon as she saw my daily shots. But, it got me thinking, even sparked some inspiration, that I could play with a single ingredient over a succession of days, or indeed, with a prop, or a process. So, Banana Week was begun. You'll see the final 7 images in this group are from that week. I have already thought I should really do lemon (or maybe citrus) week, tomato week, chocolate week etc etc. I also think I'll play with shooting the stages of creating a food - such as making tomato sauce, or bread, or casserole or similar, so that I'm not just jacking up the final product in an artificial layup. Anyway, plenty to think about. And that's without my burning desire to go down the food as art route. There's a whole other world to explore when I think about food and memory. Not so much intended for commercial use, but perhaps a worthy side project to begin.

I do want to say thank you to all of the fine folk who have made such lovely comments to me about the food images. Without feedback, I wouldn't have any idea of whether I was on the right path. I still have high days and low ones, photographically, but your enthusiasm for my images warms me and urges me to work harder. So, thank you.